ACC InVenture Prize 2021

North Carolina State University served as the host of The 2021 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) InVenture Prize competition! Thirteen ACC universities sent their best undergraduate entrepreneurs to compete at the nations' largest undergraduate student innovation competition. 

Winners were announced via a YouTube Premiere on April 21, 2021, at 7 p.m. and via PBS stations across the Atlantic Coast Conference. A huge congrats to all competition teams for their accomplishments and a massive congrats to the following winners!

1st place: UV Scope representing NC State University

2nd place: Reachable Solutions representing University of Pittsburgh

People's Choice: EAT2SEATS representing UNC-Chapel Hill

Competing Teams

UV Scope
North Carolina State University
First Place Winner

A reusable handheld device to detect bacteria for organizations who need to guarantee cleanliness such as hospitals and food processing plants.

Monique Reid
Biomedical Engineering
Chloé Sanchez-Prado
Biomedical Engineering
Alexander Allen
Electrical & Computer Engr
Keith Mellendorf
Computer Engineering
Reachable Solutions
University of Pittsburgh
Second Place Winner

Reachable Solutions helps people with limited mobility reclaim independence by assisting them to do daily tasks through simple, discreet, and affordable accessibility devices.

Ravi Gandhi
Computer Engineering
Katherine O'Malley
Mechanical Engineering
Melody Whittaker
Biomedical Engineering
Joshua Zito
Mechanical Engineering
Isabella Stash
Business Administration
University of North Carolina
People's Choice Winner

EATS2SEATS provides fundraising opportunities for nonprofits by partnering with stadium concessions to meet staffing needs during sports and entertainment events.

Mary Laci
Business Administration
Brave Virtual Worlds
University of Virginia

Brave is developing motion capture hardware and data-driven software for sports to revolutionize how people view human kinetics.

William Kodama
Electrical Engineering
Dhyey Parikh
Biomedical Engineering
Evan Magnusson
Computer Engineering
University of Louisville

DoseDEFENSE is a pill bottle insert that limits pill output to just one at a time, allowing patients to assert better control over their medication.

Abigail Cheek
Boston College

Specialized debit cards for the homeless.

Lurein Perera
Computer Science
Diksha Thach
International Studies
Georgia Tech

A compression arm sleeve with integrated grip-enhancing textile technology that allows the user to grab more while staying protected.

Michael Pullen
Biomedical Engineering
Florida State University

Medi-Kool can save countless lives by maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive medication during main power grid outages.

Travis Amaral
Mechanical Engineering
Zoe Dillehay
Mechanical Engineering
Nick Georgevich
Mechanical Engineering
Keon Glass
Mechanical Engineering
Diego Mendoza
Electrical Engineering
Andrew Sayers
Mechanical Engineering
Mound Power
University of Notre Dame

Mound Power provides affordable lower body force analysis to baseball coaches and pitchers of all levels so they can reduce injuries and maximize pitching performance.

Richard McManus
Electrical Engineering
University of Miami

munchlabs' unique restaurant expansion kits allow for existing commercial kitchens to add thousands of dollars per month in revenue without large capital investment or major changes to their businesses.

Collin Lee
Business Administration
Nature’s Gift
Clemson University

Nature’s Gift is the reusable tampon applicator for people who want to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal menstrual routines without compromising on comfort.

Claudia Sisk
Marissa Jansen
Health Science
Duke University

StudentSide is a platform facilitating candid conversations between current high school and college students about life on campus.

Dan Hepworth
Computer Science
Nick Dahlborg
Simar Kohli
Computer Science
Syracuse University

SugEx improves the blood sugar monitoring experience through user-centered design.

Russell Fearon
Mechanical Engineering
Ricardo Sanchez
Industrial Design


CEO of Marques Colston Enterprises (MCE)
CEO Bagchi Group
CEO of